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Gift cards

Any reputable retailer now has its own Gift Card. These gift cards are usually glued to a cardboard blister card which they hang on the shelves of the retailer.

We offer this Gift Card as an effective marketing tool. Whether it is for generating leads, traffic, upselling, cross-selling, loyalty or membership recruitment, the Gift Card is a proven successful method to enhance conversion.

The promotional gift card is sustainably produced by us in a sturdy cardboard quality. This gives the same appearance (look and feel) as the PVC gift cards in the store. By means of the unique code or barcode, the connection is made with the relevant online systems.

Our gift cards can be optionally equipped with an additional UV varnish so the gift card gets an even more luxurious look. Also, it is possible to shield the unique code with a scratch-off layer so as to prevent abuse.

These gift cards we usually stuck, with a non-permanent glue, on paper, flyer or folder, making it ideally suited to distribute as an insert to a large audience.