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Scratch Cards

Scratch Cards are successfully used for years as a sales promotion tool. From 1985 we have been producing scratch cards, which by now we have become one of the largest producers of promotional scratch cards in Europe!

Because we are able to make the print fully variable under the scratch layer, we can provide for any marketing purpose the best scratch card. Therefore we can print a unique code, barcode, QR code or unique personalization but also place changing images to extradite them according to a predetermined mixing and distribute in sets.

The size, the position, the shape, everything is adaptable to the wishes of the designer. In addition, it is possible for the scratch layer to get an extra layer with a printing in black or color!

Using different techniques we can ensure that the scratch layer is always perfectly clean, enabling to scratch and that the print is not damaged underneath when scratching off the layer. We can also ensure that the scratch layer won't dry-in further or that it can too easily be scratched, so they are excellent for further machine processing or promotions that take a long time!